Conference themes:

Prehistory of censuses:
  1. Old Polish population censuses.
  2. Censuses organized by church authorities.
  3. Four-Year Sejm and its role in the development of official statistics.
Public Statistics in the period of independence:
  1. Achievements of precursors of public statistics.
  2. Societies and statistical institutions.
  3. The establishment of the Central Statistical Office, the role of Polish statisticians in the creation of statistical institutions.
Achievements and challenges of Public Statistics in the 21st Century:
  1. New sources of data in public statistics (administrative, non-administrative, big data, data science).
  2. Modern statistical methods and tools, development of statistical surveys.
  3. New technologies in the research process.
  4. National Census of Population and Housing 2021 – innovative solutions.
  5. Development of international statistics in the 21st century (participation in the Eurostat methodology).
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